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tv   Headline News  RT  June 17, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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back in baghdad the u.s. is sending troops to iraq where the sunni insurgents have seize several key cities across the country. also russia warns of brussels that gas supplies could be disrupted if kiev starts siphoning off the fuel that comes after gazprom turned off the tap do you train due to massive debts. and hackers in britain may be facing a lifetime behind bars if the proposed new bill is passed but experts warn it could potentially see those working to improve internet safety sent to prison as well.
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welcome and thanks once again for joining us i'm neal harvey and you're watching r.t. international american troops are going back to iraq the u.s. is sending up to two hundred seventy five personnel to protect citizens and property there and that's as large parts of the country have fallen into the hands of al qaida linked militants known as isis these red areas that you can see prominently here they are where the hardest have full or partial control president obama said that the troops will remain in iraq until the situation improves and to see a church reports be announced goals of these new u.s. troops are to protect u.s. embassy personnel and other american interests this is according to a statement from barack obama to congress made on monday this comes as the islamist militant al-qaeda affiliated group i think increasingly spreads its wings on the ground now. the statement released by the white house on monday says the troops
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would stay in iraq until the security situation gets better additionally a separate special forces mission which is yet to be officially approved by washington would focus on training iraqi troops on the ground this comes as last friday of course barack obama had reiterated the commitment to not send u.s. troops back into combat into iraq we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq but i have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq security forces according to the pentagon over the weekend around one hundred seventy u.s. personnel began arriving in baghdad all of this of course comes amid growing concerns that a decade after the u.s. invasion iraq is continually spinning out of control and the question is what steps are yet to be taken by the u.s. . and on monday isis released these photos seeming to show the mass execution of iraqi soldiers the country's chief military spokesman said that the
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pictures were indeed authentic and show around one hundred seventy soldiers killed however the group itself claims it executed ten times that amount and is going to change you can reports now the growing minds of jihadists in iraq is provoking extreme reaction from the u.s. washington is now pondering over how to bomb iraq in such a way as to not provoke a backlash after all the crisis there has a strong signal tarion background with the militants being sunni muslims so what's your response to airstrikes just aren't the answer here well look the whole answer but they may well be one of the options that are important to be able to stem the tide and stop the movement of people who are moving around in open convoys and trucks and terrorising people the sectarian component in iraq's crises is already train traditional alliances iran wants to cooperate with the u.s. to assist iraq's shia government washington's ally saudi arabia on the other hand
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warns against any foreign interference amid reports that wealthy sunni donors in saudi arabia kuwait and carter have been funding militants from the islamic state of iraq and syria the us is allied with all the gulf countries that are supporting the sunni rebels in syria that are supporting them in iraq this is an old problem see isis militants grew out of the sectarian war in iraq which started after the u.s. and u.k. invasion in two thousand and three today some of the politicians who made the decision to invade are anxious to wash their hands of blame the u. case tony blair wrote we have to liberate ourselves from the notion there we have caused this we have it the sunni extremists now control vast areas in iraq including the cities of fallujah and to create as well as mosul the second largest . these cities which have been battered by the decade long war looked very different before the u.s. and you came beijing. in two thousand and two i was in most you're in the northern
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city that has been now seized by the rebels the sunni revolt at that time in two thousand to mosul and i was greeted by people in mosul they were christians they were sunni arabs. and they were kurds they were a tapestry they were around the multinational multicultural communities of iraq at that time and they were living in peace today they are divided along sectarian lines because of an outside invasion washington is now divided between those who oppose any u.s. military intervention in iraq and those who say something has to be done because there. are breaks to this day officials on both sides say they don't own iraq's problems and they don't want to pump the government they're pushing the militants out however. their return only a matter of time. well i see submerged in iraq
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right after the u.s. led invasion pledged allegiance to al qaida and has been fueling the sectarian violence in the country proclaiming an independent state within the territory of iraq syria lebanon palestine and jordan with the u.s. now sending troops back to the country washington's looking to play a major role in diffusing tensions that is the view of political analyst. i think part of this is also. to protect u.s. facilities that. but also to send a clear signal that the united states could play a role in helping the iraqi government but the kind of help that we have been hearing a little bit different this would be for you us unilaterally uses force strike. force. in syria iraq also uses the drones to attack these forces on opposite or points of the iraqi
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government and i think to a large extent you have to go back to the two thousand and three war and i said in a session that ran iraq for governments that were put in charge i think sure ought to be a huge responsibility for the disaster that we have seen in iraq since that time. well just before isis launched its offensive in iraq's north it launched a propaganda video aiming to bring more people apparently to their cause take a look at the videos called the clanging of the swords for and it's an hour long film featuring some extremely graphic scenes to show soldiers being executed carson passes by gunned down and even tanks blown up the footage has been removed from you cheap several times but it has been uploaded over and over again from different accounts it's glamorous chris bambery believes that brutal videos like this send shivers not just across iraq but also the entire middle east. brutalized secondly
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of course as well they're well used to social media and terms of projects in themselves but the fact that in addition to the view you know talking about their posting up which rapist executions and saying i've killed the dog you know that is going to backfire in terms of across the region as i say in the neighboring governments or road will be very nervous about what is happening you know very keen whatever the past the frenzy will be have been the maliki government to buttress the maliki government against this against isis because it's going to major repercussions potentially for talking for around and every other country in the region. meanwhile whistleblower chelsea manning has accused the u.s. of lying about iraq the former us intelligence analyst and wiki leaks informant says that the american military has been controlling the media's coverage of the war in the country to catch the details later today in breaking this sunday manning release a new york times op ed and titled the fog machine of war in which she lays out all
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the ways that the military's control of the american media led to vastly different public portrayals of iraq and the reality on the ground manning starts by writing quote i believe that the current limits on press freedom and excessive government secrecy make it impossible for americans to grasp fully what's happening in the wars we finance she goes on to point out how to nearly all the american news coming out of iraq in two thousand and ten focused on how the election signaled a new era of stability and peace in the country except as an intelligence analyst manning saw firsthand classified reports outlining prime minister nuri all the locky as crackdown against political dissidents including torture and murder under elected government but these types of stories weren't being reported largely because the military's imbedded reporter system and which journalists are carefully vetted for the opportunity to write stories wonder military protection manning notes that this system is far from unbiased and surprisingly reporters who have
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established relationships with the military are more likely to be granted access less well known is that journalists whom military contractors rate as a likely to produce quote favorable coverage based on their past reporting also get preference. thanks to europeans potentially face a cold winter ahead that is if russian gas destined for consumers gets lost on its way value gazprom was warned that kiev makes start siphoning off the fuel from transit pipes that run to europe kiev's being cut off by russia after it failed to pay its bills and now europe has to be prepared for gas shortages so to speak to all of explains from berlin. well what we've been hearing from the e.u. energy commission. is this well get ready for potentially a cold winter ahead now this comes after ukraine had it gas cut off by russia after
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it failed to pay billions if u.s. dollars an outstanding bills ukraine is the main point of transit at the moment the getting gas into europe in many european nations rely on russian gas as either their main or in some cases their only source of energy if those supplies are siphoned off well it can have an effect as it has in the past when ukraine's being cut off and they start to take that gas they did it in two thousand and six last time was in two thousand and nine seventeen countries here in europe reported shortages ates were completely without any gas amongst those the most worst affected countries like bulgaria and slovakia we saw real problems there when it came to keating to industry that was pretty much shut down so it is a big deal if ukraine starts to take this gas that is destined for europe since it's being cut off for the failure to pay its bills to create does take this gas it
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could have huge repercussions for those who have paid their bills in europe let's just remind you of those previous disputes will start in two thousand and six when half of europe was left out in the cold that was when ukraine siphoned off five hundred fifty million cubic meters of russian gas and there was another so-called gas war that was three years later when ukrainian supplies were actually cut off the country made up the shortfall by withholding eighty six million cubic meters of gas it was supposed to transfer to europe. meanwhile a ukrainian delegation is heading to brussels today to discuss the possibility of buying gas from european companies here is how the so-called reverse flow deliveries which gazprom says are actually illegal well this is how they work so there are pipes which are normally used to carry russians applies to europe via ukraine but in reverse flows the e.u. actually said not gas back down the same pipeline gazprom says that ukraine has no right to control the flow of russian gas and moscow has therefore warned european
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companies to think twice before undertaking such measures as the head of the european geo political forum to tariff explains it's legal gray zone a lot of this gas is gazprom gas to leave it to the e.u. maybe outside of the legal abilities of e.u. partners to actually export that back to ukraine there's not really any you know european level or brussels level legislation about reverse flows to ukraine so that brussels would actually say on this that it is up to the contract to agreement between gazprom and the particular recipient of its gas inside the e.u. and if the clause of that contract does not allow that gas to be really exported let's say to a third party such as ukraine then gazprom would have a legitimate right to raise this. in an international legal context or at
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a political you know diplomacy level. well paul from the gas with moscow kids also busy waging a military operation in the yard the families separated by violence with children forced to leave their parents and for the sake of the. economic rent. for. now like. what if the public sign.
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on marinated in the financial world. talked to moments i mean not stop it is a very lonely take you know demand the credit not going to get it in life there are there are but. as for joining as you're watching r.t. international now new laws on cyber terrorism in the u.k. would see hackers jailed for life but some in the security industry claim that the
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move while designed to protect people from cyber crime could ironically make the internet less safe ortiz political reporters in today's digital age committing a serious cyber crime could land you a mega sentence and a serious crime bill proposed in the queen's speech computer hackers who launched devastating attacks on u.k. infrastructure could soon face life behind bars as a single attack can have such a dramatic effect let's just imagine a scenario where we go in our electricity for a week and the impact that would have had no lights no power to do engineering on manufacturing business or to you know for people to boil water you know to sterilize baby feeding a quip and that actually has a tangible effect on people's daily existence and actually worse case scenario on people's very very lives at the moment impairing a computer as it's written in law carries a maximum ten year sentence according to ministers that's disproportionate to the
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potential damage a malicious hacker could wreak but computer security experts have questioned what cyber terrorism really means and whether the term could be used to prosecute citizens who try to whistle blow on the government or a company i honestly think if you will if you're hacking in order to harm life then there will be sentences already available differently computers are more central to us. that might mean that people can do more harmful things but things that we have to publish them for all of the results you know if you killed people have you attempted to done damage property would disrupt the capital's transport poser. concrete tank carbs need to trying to do those things or actually doing that that's what people should be sentence for benevolence security research as a rule so concerned that work often involves behaving like hakas with the intention of finding vulnerabilities on a website and exposing cyber risk but according to this proposed law even those
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working for the common good of the internet could end up behind bars safely major threat here is somebody i simply trying to reverse engineer a site maybe see that show that it isn't properly secure and that people shouldn't trust it and that the operators need to sort themselves out those are the kinds of problems where people can to face computer misuse charges without really having done anything wrong. london details of some of the stories are covering online for you tarnished image greenpeace may no longer be seen as a global do gooder that is after it emerged that an employee from the organization blew a wreck or five million dollars in a currency gamble for more on this scandal and greenpeace is comments on it had tea party dot com and while you're there why not read up on these stories about a group of mobile developers to come up with an inventive solution for parents
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frustrated that their children can't take their eyes off their phones during neil times a good one for the parents to check out this and all the details are on our website . right to see. first rate. and i think you're. on our reporters. in. the in the. on. let's return to ukraine now a key here is pressing dong with its military operation against the defiant regions in the east self-defense forces in the city of kramatorsk one of the main targets of the crackdown say ten civilians were killed in an artillery attack on monday
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here are pictures that have been emerging from the scene for you locals they say that residential areas of come under shelling thousands of left in eastern ukraine driven away from their homes by the ongoing fighting many families of even being divided or to use paula slim at some of those forced apart from their loved ones. all the time i think about him all the time and he also thinks about me all the time only because he's my only son. i worry for my mother because she's alone and nobody can support her for her own safety watching to come here mother and son separated by a hundred and fifty kilometers and with kids military offensive showing no sign of ending nor is this separation that i've got son i don't know when i can come i love you and send kisses to you yeah there are i love you very much and i really miss
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you so please come as soon as possible i love you. like thousands of other ukrainian mothers give you decided to send his son out of the country she now mourns an empty house with only her fears to keep her company. and when you do you didn't want to leave a lonely are you wanted me to stay with him was about what i came about in order not to take up space that could go to mothers with small children and in order to help evacuate people from here give us hope victoria and other matters you seem to only charged in this to russian twelve days ago if we were constantly added to provide magnets in the. same position. because i think about him all day and all night i walk into his room and see that the bed is empty and no one is at the computer i walk to the shop thinking i need to buy ice cream but then i realize that i have nobody to buy ice cream for twelve years biggest fear is that she would
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see her son again and he fears the same person as a mom or i'm afraid that something could happen to her she got all the. really of the truth to an interview here in russia where children's playground gives temporary relief but the laughter doesn't last long this camp is full of broken families and although organizers are doing their best to make it fun there's one thing they can't organize so in the high street more and more families are going from ukraine's west to east and while they are believed and grateful for having been given a place of safety away from the night i mean back home all they really want to do is go home paula see r t rostov on don russia. two russian journalists released from detention in ukraine are back in moscow and
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they are telling the press all about the ordeal the two men were captured that a checkpoint in the country's east and they were accused of spying as we can see they are now speaking to the president have a listen into exactly what they're saying all of for our block postes checkpoints and one hundred twenty kilometers before anybody that we were detained were stopped by innocent guards. not question which is we were asked to leave the car to show our i.d.'s which we did you know they saw our russian passport as they realize we were reporters off to the channel yes but after that their faces really changed their lives started to do that oh that's a jack. thought. started searching through our own belongings each of those on the low road do you by jupiter put on board a towel on our hats see people that are pushed into the car and by
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force. when you get a few kilometers after that we turned out in a free old bit with our eyes. toyed with well so we were forced into our baby's room unless is going to be your first we were kept in different rooms is going to be all our personal belongings were taken away even my wedding ring. watches money telephones cast everything they took everything away from us so from time to time they went in to check on us they had weapons with them threatened us that they would. do it and nobody was going to find us off to that. question or two before they asked. to give it possible words from coast from our. tried to find out who we were
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and what you were don't doing in ukraine we said we were russians today sad they hated all the russians in general and their will do our thing to make us safer to leave with them by the water we can there and i were in the house in this basement and asked to each day put on masks on our allies again. one of you and got us out all of these basements and all we got into the car and i'm glad they definitely manhandled us from time to time they will get us. out of the white butte to your solution. so in this car i heard they were trying to decide where to take us and what to do. with us at all. they were talking on the phone. and a while to get a machine and they were told again would it be good if you could if you could we were in the car and some people i couldn't see down but i. could hear them they
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were kicking us. chanting in shouting something insulting us. after they argued. we were had it. troughs. what are you going to and on our way to look at the door when you know when you're still there were some security guards with our secret watching us. therefore you should be shielded even though they said that somebody can give ten thousand on of ukraine currency for us for each of us what the shores of course or they can gather at least one thousand dollars for each of us there will hand over just somebody actually keep what is the ugandan sad. probably they will just. make meat out of a lot of us. they would barbecue us but after that it's something parking lots. of black as stupid the mission out there was
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a flag of. the private sector symbol machine a talking. point which was lost and he would demand a live coverage there for you from the press conference where he would like to continue following all those two relief journalists saying not long gather attention in ukraine follow it on our website or two you've got a column continue to follow the live streaming. with the very latest news at the top of the hour hope to see then coming up next for you after a short break victims of domestic violence will be speaking out about trying to rebuild lives you're watching. recently four hundred high level russian officials including duma members were
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someone for a three day military training event that would include the use of various different weapons and lectures about state of the russian military the stated objective of all of this was to make the average soldier in the army aware of the patriotic attitudes of those who can order them off to fight in theory this is a good idea but the reality is this kind of reeks that sweet stench of an empty p.r. stunt this is not nearly enough to convince the average grunt that the guys in power care about him as far as i understand it in the military they want to push people to break down their psychology and boot camp so they can make new better tougher more patriotic people and obedient ones as well the sort of cutesy who we can camp will not have any psychological effect these politicians and to be honest i think bureaucrats the world over have it too easy their lives are too comfortable heck all the duma deputies have these nice leather chairs and they have gold watches and assistants and all that stuff i think that the duma deputies had to suffer through a military hell for one month out of the year the corrupt comfort obsessed
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weaklings might get squeezed out of the system this training for the elite is a good idea but it needs to be done right and brutal but that's just my opinion. just.


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